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Date of Birth : Nov. 22, 1949

Graduated from Textile Department of Seoul Technical High School
Graduated from the Textile Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Hanyang University (Bachelor of Engineering. Grade 1 Textile Engineer).
Graduated from Sogang University Graduate School of Business (MBA Degree)
Graduated from International Commerce Course, Graduate School Kwangwoon University (Ph. D in Economic)
Completed research course, Graduate School of Business Administration, Yonsei University
Completed the Top Management course, Graduate School of Business Administration, Sogang University.
Completed the Top Management course, International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS).

Worked at Garment Business Division, Samsung Co., Ltd. For 3 years.
Worked at Special Business Division, Hyosung Co., Ltd. For 7 years.
Management Leader at Korea Management & Technique Consultant Association.
Arbitrator of the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board; Overseas Trade Dispute Coordinator.
Vice President of Korea Arbitration Association.
Vice President of Korea Management Development Institute
The 7th, 8th President of the General Alumni Council of Sogang University
Adjunct Professor, Kwangwoon University

Books and Theses
Book : [Take international bid] ¡¸¡¯96 Korea Economic Daily¡¹
Theses : [A study on Winning Contract in International Bids] ¡¸Sogang University¡¹
[Successful Cases of International Bids] ¡¸Grand Prix Essay Contest administered by the Korea International Trade Association and the Joongang Daily
[A Study on the Collaborating Relationship with Agent for the Successful International Bidding] ¡¸Kwangwoon University¡¹
[A Study on the Bidding Strategy into the Government Procurement Market in the Islamic Region-the Middle East]¡¸Kwangwoon University¡¹

Citation of Merits
Won [the Presidential Commendation] and [the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower] (The 33rd International Trade Day)
Won [the Industrial Medal of Iron Tower] and [the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower] (the 35th International Trade Day)
Won [the Korea International Trade Association¡¯s Prize] (The 50th Anniversary of Foundation of KITA)
Won [the Proud Seoul Technical High School Member¡¯s Prize] (In commemoration of a centennial of Seoul Technical High School)

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